Marz-ul-Maut - neither a gift nor a legacy

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  • he rules concerning Marz-ul-Maut inculcate the ideas of the gift as well as wil

  • These transfers can only be executed in cases where there is genuine apprehension of death in the mind of the transferor

  • Transfer during Marz-ul-Maut is a type of testamentary succession which has some essential elements of both Hiba, or gift, and will

  • In case a person is seriously ill and in the apprehension of death, the gift made by him at that time will be a gift during Marz-ul-Maut.

  • gift, which is made at such time when there is a reasonable apprehension of death in the mind of the transferor, is distributed as per the general rules of Shariat law.

  • uch gifts are valid only if the testator dies after executing the will

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