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  • A. Rules. Click on any of the signs to advance. Jubilost will read out the rules for the Inconsequent Debates, causing him to be cursed by one of three effects. Reading (clicking on) a different sign will change the curse. Jubilost will be transformed into a giant frog. Jubilost will say "tentacles" once at least every ten words. You want this curse for the best results in the debates. Jubilost will routinely enter into desperate screaming fits. Make a Perception DC 20 (45 exp) to tell that the cursed rule has been added by someone. You can either start the debates as is or investigate. I recommend investigating. D. Sir Allfrey. He's a knight of Iomedae. He's been cursed to say tentacles regularly. He also makes an appearance in Wrath of the Righteous. If you talk to him before the Debates and end up losing, he'll nobly give you his question.

  • C. Kobold. It's a kobold who wants to be a dragon.

  • B. Nyrd Zottenropple & Brothers. Her brothers are giant frogs, having read the rules. You can confront her after speaking to the Kobold by saying "3. The little kobold said one of you helped him read the rules..." then "6. You are confused, my friends. ..." Say: "1. Answer clearly -- did you charm the rules?" to gain 270 exp. You can keep things as it is or force her to cure Jubilost (Intimidate DC 30 - 720 exp). The debates start once you make your choice. For the best results in the debate, make Jubilost cursed to say "tentacles," and keep him cursed during the debates. E. The Host.

  • The Host will read out a series of questions, and you need to pick one answer for each. You'll get between 0-2 points based on your answer. Asking Linzi/Jubilost for their ideas gives more options. You gain 270 exp if you win the debates. If you ask "1. Why are you referring to yourself in the plural, Host?" and pass a hidden Lore: Religion check (the wiki says it's DC 30), you can recognize the Host as Skyka the Many. Taking part in this counts as one of the three required meetings for the Achievement: See You Yesterday! I don't know if you need to make the Lore: Religion check for it to count, but you'll meet Shyka enough times during a normal playthrough that there's no need to worry. The following section will have spoilers, since that's the whole point. Don't read if you'd rather try it on your own. Question 1: What can move a mountain? Answer: "3. Its own will. And tentacles." earns two points and is the best answer. Ask Jubilost and Lizni for their thoughts to unlock this answer. "2. Its own will" earns 1 point. The other options give no points. Question 2: What weakens when owned by many and dies if owned by none? Answer: "A secret" earns 1 point. The other options give no points. Question 3: Each of us is born at the same time with a monster. Each day we live, it grows. It can torment, bring us joy, or kill without a single wound. What is it? Answer: "2. It's our past." You need to make a hidden Wisdom check (the wiki says it's DC 20) to get this option. "It's knowledge" earns 1 point. Ask Jubilost for his thoughts to unlock this answer. "It's memory" earns 1 point. The other options give no points. Question 4: It's rock-paper-scissors with "knight"-"dragon"-"snag". Answer: 1) "Knight!" then 2) anything gives 1 point. 1) "Dragon!" then 2) "Dragon!" then 3) anything gives 1 point. (Nyrd will keep calling Snag! after her first choice, so you can string this out endlessly by calling Snag!). The other options give no points.

  • Ask: "1. I want to know why the gnomes left the First World" to complete the quest. Gain 360 exp. If you ask about your true love, the Host will name the characters who you're successfully romancing (romance score over 40 according to the wiki). The other options give some additional story information or are there for humor.

  • 0 points: Fail the Debates. If you talked to Sir Allfrey before the debates, he'll give you his question. 1 point: 1 question 2-3 points: 2 questions 4-5 points: 3 questions 6 points: 4 questions - This requires both the tentacles curse and making the hidden Wisdom check.

  • Return to the capital once you're done and speak to Jubilost to complete the Quest. Sometimes the game gets buggy and has him repeat his dialogue from the Inconsequent Debates. If so, save and reload. Ask him about his willingness to accept being pranked by saying: "2. I was surprised that you didn't want to be freed of the Zottenropples' spell. ..." to gain 1,200 exp. Your answer here can affect Jubilost's ending. Personally, I like the NG answer, but this is also a "Good" playthrough guide. Picking the N or NE option to push him more toward selfishness and allow you to make a choice later for a different ending slide (in which he betrays his principles by accepting a cure for the Bleaching for just himself).

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