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  • compare different components of tropical forest ecology

  • concepts of edge effects and the potential relationship with predation rates

  • concepts of nutrient cycling, the carbon cycle, and decomposition

  • biotic factors

  • uch as temperature, humidity, wind, sunlight

  • abiotic factors

  • edge effects are the changes that occur to habitats on their boundaries.

  • natural

  • or man-made,

  • habitat loss, fragmentation

  • Forest edges influence more than half of the world’s forests and contribute to worldwide declines in biodiversity and ecosystem functions

  • ratio of generalist species to ‘forest specialist’ species

  • dogs to have their own impacts.

  • nutrient cycling to vary.

  • related to edge,

  • measure nutrient inputs.

  • tropical forests tend to have nutrient poor soils,

  • reliant on their own nutrient inputs

  • in the form of dead vegetation

  • Abiotic factors

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