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  • Right now, almost 90% of our bookings are happening via the website, allowing customers to be completely in control, plan upfront and have all the visibility they need. Our customers are now able to access the whole management process easier, taking advantage of self-service, proactive information, notifications, a clear overview, quick access to all required documentation, etc. After making a booking, normally our customers need to get a bill of lading (BL) or a transport document, and for that, provide, for instance, information around the cargo, commodity details, VGM (Verified Gross Mass) etc.

  • Everything should be intuitive and the web page itself should guide them. Using APIs and a modernized backend for our internal systems, we are ensuring customers can take advantage of an instant automated experience, e.g., instantly receive a draft bill of lading. Similarly, invoicing, which is key for our customers, has drastically improved online and on our Maersk App as well.

  • On top of that, customers can also choose to add more services, including additional inland delivery, or customs services, warehousing, and insurance, etc. – all of these enabling them to customize the services they look forward to from a partner, and manage their integrated logistics.

  • We have a lot of solutions coming up. We intend to alleviate our customers from the burden of logistics’ bureaucracy and do so in the quickest way. It used to take between four to six hours to receive a draft bill of lading, or a cargo release order, and usually it was managed manually by our internal teams. Now, these can be received instantly or within a few minutes, self-served, anytime, anywhere.

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