Il Trovatore

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  • Count di Luna, is obsessed with Leonora, a young noblewoman in the queen’s service, who does not return his love.

  • the jealous count is determined to capture and punish him.

  • bewitching the count’s infant brother.

  • The gypsy’s daughter then took revenge by kidnapping the boy and throwing him into the flames where her mother had died.

  • The charred skeleton of a baby was discovered there, and di Luna’s father died of grief soon after.

  • di Luna has sworn to find her.

  • During the duel, Manrico overpowered the count, but some instinct stopped him from killing his rival.

  • Azucena is the woman for whom di Luna has been searching.

  • Her life is scarred by the memory of her mother’s death and the terrible revenge she exacted.

  • Azucena tells him how she stole the older count’s infant son but, in her manic rage, accidentally murdered her own child instead.

  • When Manrico demands to know who he truly is, Azucena is evasive:

  • All that matters is the mother’s love she has shown him all his life

  • and that he does not fail to take revenge on the house of di Luna.

  • Azucena cries out to Manrico to rescue her,

  • Leonora offers herself to the count in return for her lover’s life;

  • however, she secretly takes a slow-acting poison, sealing her fate.

  • In their cell, Manrico tries to comfort Azucena, who is terrified of the stake and the fire that await her.

  • But the poison is already taking effect, and Leonora dies in his arms, just as di Luna arrives.

  • He sends Manrico to his execution.

  • Azucena cries out that her mother is avenged: di Luna has killed his own brother.

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