‘Stealth Wealth’ and Bare Feet: How Power Dresses on ‘Succession’


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  • I’m not so sure that it’s real.

  • Michelle Matland

  • Machiavellian chic and inadvertently spurring the “stealth wealth” fashion genre

  • Ms. Matland — whose credits include “The Girl on the Train” and “Angels in America”

  • costumes that create veneer for the characters

  • the job is to help emphasize characteristics these characters have

  • where did they live, where did they go to college, where did they go to prep school?

  • Ann Roth

  • Always the shoes

  • Nan Pierces of the world and the Roys.

  • The Pierces are the uppermost. The Roys are just slightly beneath that.

  • $625 cashmere Loro Piana ball cap?

  • Where do you go for this stuff? It’s not like we live in Rome.

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