Hogwarts Legacy All Conjurations Locations


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  • Bushes Medium Ground Covering Dwellings Ruins Medium Constructed Decorations Small Vivarium Decorations Lights Floor Lower Wall

  • Ruined Stairway

  • Short Stairs

  • High Archway Ruined High Stairway High Raised Floor

  • Tower

  • Tower Spire Large Natural Terrain Natural Terrain Medium Ground Surfaces Trees Framed Portraits Moving Portraits Arm Chair Armillary Spheres Vivarium Landscape Paintings Bookcases Bookstand Cabinets Christmas Tree Circular Paintings Crests Desk Magical Diagrams Diricawl Statue

  • Stuffed Toy Dragon Feline Plates Blank Square Frame Footstools Free Standing Clocks Frog Choir Stand Fwooper Statue Globes Giant Purple Toad Statue Graphorn Statue Jack-O-Lanterns Hippogriff Statue House Standing Banners House Wall Banners Mounted House-Elf Heads Four or Six Rules Placards One or Two Rules Placards Jobberknoll Statue Kneazle Statue Lanscape Paintings Painting Large Tables Huge Table

  • Huge Decorated Table Large Decorated Tables Witch Mannequins Wizard Mannequins Medium Tables Medium Decorated Tables Wide Mirror Mooncalf Statue Totems Niffler Statue

  • Decorated Ornamental Stands

  • Magical Paintings Potioneer Tools Shelf Puffskein Statue Quidditch Equipment Shelf Large Square Rugs Large Rugs Small Rugs Skull and Candles Shelf Small-Framed Paintings Small Game Tables Square Shape Paintings Suits of Armour

  • Taxidermy Wall Hangings Telescope Thestral Statue Three-Seater Sofas Unicorn Statue

  • Low Stone Stairs

  • Low Raised Floor

  • Low Wall

  • Medium Raised Floor Corner

  • Low Arch

  • Archway

  • Tall Pillar

  • Wall

  • Short Pillar

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