Inflacioni i lartë, VOA: Qytetarët në vështirësi

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  • High inflation, VOA: Citizens in difficulty SEPTEMBER 24

  • In Albania, the increase in prices, since February, when the Russian aggression in Ukraine began, has put a large part of society, who have low incomes, in difficulty. Inflation has reached 8%, the highest level in more than 20 years. In order to minimize the effects of the crisis, the government has recently intervened with a plan of measures extended over time, which come to the aid of the categories in need. Experts believe that they are insufficient, while the authorities say that the interventions have been made carefully, with the aim of maintaining the macroeconomic stability of the country.

  • nflation in August reached 8%, the highest level in more than two decades and twice as high as in January. According to Instat's data, the food group had the greatest impact on the price increase with 15% and that of transport and fuel with 20 and 24%. The government has intervened twice during the year, first with what was called the social resilience package and now with some other time-stretched measures. The authorities say that by the end of the year the financial support reaches a figure of around 360 million euros, where the largest part with 230 million euros is held by the electricity price subsidy. But in a country like Albania where the per capita income is among the lowest in the region and Europe, the effect of the crisis is high

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